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2011 SLW Classic Photos Now Available

Dee Dee Hixson & Charlene Pope before the ceremonial first pitch of the 2011 SLW Classic.

Derek Mayfield snapped 682 pictures from Thursday to Saturday at the 18th Annual Classic. Special thanks to Mayfield (One-7 Photography) for all of the photo documentation of the weekend. They can be seen at the following four links:

2011 SLW Classic Photos #1

2011 SLW Classic Photos #2

2011 SLW Classic Photos #3

2011 SLW Classic Photos #4

Mr. Mayfield will be working his photo shop magic on a few shots that will be available at a later time.


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SLW Podcast Four Released

Another podcast, another infrequent guest. Derek Mayfield made his first appearance since right before the 17th Annual Classic last year. Matt Endsley carved out time for his second appearance this season along with anchors Geoff & Jaime.

Podcast four is now on iTunes or you can stream from the website here.

The dress code has been impelemented with penalties for non-compliance outlined on the show. The entry fee will be raised to cover the cost of your customized Shangri La’ jersey with numbers and names.

The public has spoken and a stats committee, headed up by Derek Mayfield, has been formed. Send any ideas about what stats to keep and how the process should be modified for wiffleball to slwiffleball23@gmail.com.

Questions are needed for the next podcast. Please send whatever you may have to slwiffleball23@gmail.com.

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