Click here for the composite eight-year numbers including a breakdown of records by player and individual stats (stats courtesy of Seph Lietz) along with all-time results.

2013 Results

Dirty Slot Balls (Picture coming soon).

2012 Results

2012 BJA SLW Classic Champions, Wildcard, Bi$%#@s!

2011 Results

2011 SLW Champions, The House

2010 Results

2010 SLW Champions, Vagazzle

2009 Results

2009 SLW Classic Champions, Merkins of Hope

2008  Results

2008 SLW Classic Champions, Mule D

2007 Results

2006 Results

1994-2005 electronic results unavailable. How each year finished prior to 2006 is a thing of legend passed along only by word of mouth.

8 responses to “Results

  1. Geoff Hixson

    “The DC H Experience” is one of the greatest team names of all time.

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  5. Geoff Hixson

    Ya Know, this is one kick ass website! All That contribute should be applauded.

    All the silliness aside, this is just an awesome thing that we do year in year out. There are few things, i look forward to more. Thanks Wifflers, for making an old guy smile!

    Wait till next year………..

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  7. A Note on results. I just noticed that Dave Cain’s DC H Experience made it to the Championship with a four man team in 2006. Quite a stat.

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