2013 Podcast Two Now Available

SLW Podcast Series Studio ShotShane Gentry, James Morton and Seth Tjaden joined Geoff and Jaime Hixson on the second edition of the 2013 SLW Podcast.  

James Morton made his first in-studio appearance of 2013 while Seth Tjaden made his podcast debut in advance of being the last-ever SLW rookie.  Wifflers are reminded that an extra day has been added to the weekend.  Suggested arrival is Thursday, June 21.

Questions for the next podcast can be emailed to slwiffleball23@gmail.com.



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5 responses to “2013 Podcast Two Now Available

  1. el duderino

    Did Eddie Link come over to give you guys mason jars to drink out of?

  2. Patrick Loftus

    Does anybody know if GNC or Complete Nutrition carry “Uncle Stu’s Deer Antler Splay”?

  3. Dude, I don’t know who Eddie Link is, but I look forward to being educated. Patrick, they both do as does http://www.ballshrinkingsupplements.com. Well played!

  4. el duderino

    Eddie Link used to save his jizz in mason jars as the urban legend goes. Enjoy that thought the next time you guys are drinking at Geoff’s house.

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