2013 Podcast One Now Available

Happy New Year wifflers!

Arizona resident TT joined Geoff & Jaime Hixson for the “first-pitch” edition of the 2013 SLW Podcast.  

The Countdown to Wifflegedden begins today (June 22, 2013).

Questions for the next podcast can be submitted to slwiffleball23@gmail.com or via the social media outlets (facebook and Twitter).

SLW Podcast Series


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3 responses to “2013 Podcast One Now Available

  1. el duderino

    I’m impressed you guys got Chase Buddinger, celebrity guest.

    Great call on MTV rock/jock, I think I remember someone hitting the pig, with the announcer screaming “He hit the pig, he hit the pig!”. I fully endorse bringing out plastic animals into the old/young game and if you hit them you automatically get double/triple, etc.

    • Plastic animals would be fantastic. I think it would also qualify as forward thinking to have a trampoline in place of second base!

      As mentioned on facebook last week, the league office is pushing for SL Hockey coming winter 2013 to your back yard, Mr. Morgan.

  2. Chase Buddinger could play some nasty volleyball too!

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