2012 SLW Podcast Number Seven – The Awards Show

Seph Lietz and Derek Mayfield joined Geoff & Jaime Hixson for the seventh and final episode of the 2012 podcast series.  The Chief Scientist handed out awards based on the stats from the 19th Annual BJA SLW Classic.

Mark your calendars with the date for the final BJA SLW Classic (aka Wifflegedden) which has been set for June 22, 2013.

This podcast is only available through iTunes.

Thanks to all SLW Wifflers for another fantastic year.  Check back frequently to the website to see the remaining videos from double Nickel Productions.



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9 responses to “2012 SLW Podcast Number Seven – The Awards Show

  1. I apologize for saying wow 313 times.

  2. el duderino

    Props again to the mad stats genius, well done gentlemen.

  3. sephlietz

    Apologies to Square Carrot Conspiracy. I incorrectly said that James Morton came to bat 2 times with runners on base. I should have said 2 times with *runners in scoring position*. He came to bat 10 times with runners on base, 8 of those obviously with a runner on first.

  4. sephlietz

    Looking forward to competing for the Eddie Murphy award next year.

  5. Patrick Loftus

    Commisioner, Just so we are all on the same page…Do I retain my Un-banned status for Wifflegedden? Oh and Good work on the stats Mr. Leitz. I’m a big fan of the Bugs Bunny stat!

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