2012 Shangri La’ Wiffleball Tonight Episode 1

Following three months of SLW radio silence, Jeff Cain (Commissioner for Communications & Media) has unveiled his latest project.  Total run time is nearly one hour made up of four separate episodes.  The 2012 production of Shangri La’ Wiffleball Tonight Episode one can be found embedded below.  Subsequent episodes will be released each Monday for the remainder of October.  The team announcements have been cut together as well as the captain interviews following the team announcements.  This footage was shot June 22, 2012 on the eve of SLW 19.

“Kudos to Mr. Cain for his continued efforts capturing all aspects of this event we love so much,” Commissioner Hixson stated.  “With as many high-quality productions as he has created, I’m thinking the SLW documentary project may be worthy of a spot at the Sundance Film Festival.”

The final podcast featuring Seph Lietz handing out statistical awards will be recorded in the next couple of weeks.  Questions should be submitted to the league office via email (slwiffleball23@gmail.com), Twitter or facebook.


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One response to “2012 Shangri La’ Wiffleball Tonight Episode 1

  1. The baseball playoffs have ramp’d up my excitement for Wifflegeddon Weekend and this offering from Double Nickle was a real shot in the arm to keep the off-season hype machine in full gear. Way to go, Mr. Cain!

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