Wiffleball 19 Stats Now Available

Comprehensive stats from the 19th Annual BJA SLW Classic in 2012 and many other updates to the Stats are now available.

A few new player-level stats have been added including: G/F, LOB%, HR/F, SPD, SecA, wOBA, and OBI%. Explanations for each can be found in any of the legends on any of the stat pages.

Also, new this year: batting splits. Splits can be found on the All-Time Splits page and also on individual wiffler pages.

2012 Awards based on these stats will be handed out in the near future.


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2 responses to “Wiffleball 19 Stats Now Available

  1. After fighting this for years, I’m an idiot for being opposed to individual stats for so many years due to the time investment for on-site wifflers. Incredible job, Mr. Lietz.

  2. My Lord. I vote The Chief Scientist as “SLW Man of the Year.” I hate numbers as a rule but holy nuts is this amazing. Sortable to each and every category! Bravo on all the hard work, Seph. You should be very proud of all this impressive data.

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