SLW Heads National Wiffleball Ranking Top-5

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Excerpt from the column:
#1 – Shangri La’ Wiffleball Est. 1994

Celebrating it’s 19th season, one season away from a historic 20th year, this league is considered to be the longest running in NWLA directory history. The SLW also has an Alumni Association that is an official non-profit, which lets it’s members give back to communities through the game of wiffleball. The association has over 50 members, and they have been working with organizations and youth everywhere. From 1994-2005 the SLW has no electronic records of results or stats but calls these mystery years a “thing of legend” passed only by word of mouth. Like the Skibbe Wiffleball League, this league has perfected the tournament style of play during one weekend in the summer. After some initial research though, it looks as if the SLW has always been running this way, not so much a season but always a tournament. They have perfected Media Day in a way I have never seen on any website and it is a great way to get to know the league and some of it’s history and players. With two months to go until their 19th season begins, I can’t help but think what will this league have in store for the historic 20th Anniversary Season on the horizon. Wifflers everywhere should take note and I know I speak on behalf of many leagues when I say congratulations on an incredible history. Keep going SLW! If you can do it for this long, it gives hope to all those just starting out. SLW history


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