2012 Official Trailer Now Available

Double Nickle Productions has completed work on the official trailer for the 19th Annual B.J.A. Shangri La’ Classic.  This compilation video features pre-modern area wiffleball footage from 1994 (first year of the league), 1996 and 2003 mixed  with high-quality action from 2011.

“We’ve come a long way with our video, audio and photography at Shangri La’ in the last few years,” Hall of Famer and head of Double Nickle Productions Jeff Cain stated.  “We will continue to try and do better with each project we create and release.”

The trailer is available on the SLW YouTube page or by clicking below.

The remaining media day interviews will be made available over the next couple of months and the SLW Podcast Series will record again in February.

SLW media mogul, Jeff Cain, during his media day interview at the 2011 event..


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3 responses to “2012 Official Trailer Now Available

  1. el duderino

    pass the goose bumps

  2. sephlietz

    Great work by Tank Scorsese here. Especially like the slow motion scene with Endsley running to first base. Magical.

    Keep them coming, Tank.

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