SL Wifflers Halloweening

SLWAA President Geoff Hixson hosted the annual Halloween Spooktacular Saturday.  Here are some of the wifflers in attendance complete with pictures of their costume inspiration.

For those out of town wifflers, if you would like to be added to this mix, send pics to

More to be posted when they become available.



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3 responses to “SL Wifflers Halloweening

  1. el duderino

    Can someone please inform the league what Geoff is, although the pics are missing here I’ve seen various versions on “The Facebook”. I do want to give props to “The Hixsuation” and AC Morton.

  2. Lou Dorchen, Hot Tub Time Machine.

    Surely you have a costume to share Mr. Morgan?

  3. el duderino

    Sweet Lou, well played sir!
    I went as SLW Champion….and father of 2

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