Billy Beane, move over. The Chief Scientist is at his Chief Scientisty and introducing the first sabermetric SLW stats. Check out the stat
for the following four new metrics.

Pitcher SLGA – Slugging percentage Against gives the slugging percentage that hitters facing a pitcher accumulate (Total Bases divided by At Bats). A higher SLGA indicates a pitcher prone to the long ball (that is, home runs, not the terrible medical condition rampant throughout many third world countries).
Best: Chris Shoemaker (.618)
Worst: Geoff Hixson (1.014)

Pitcher BABIP – Batting Average on Balls In Play is most useful as an indicator of the pitcher’s defense; it is not very useful for determine the quality of the pitcher. It is the batting average that hitters facing a pitcher have, only counting balls hit in the field of play. A high BABIP is a sign of a pitcher with poor defensive help.
Best: Matt Endsley [Kill Yourself with Jaime Hixson and Luke Kirby] (.250)
Worst: Geoff Hixson [Cinderella Men with Dave Cain and James Morton] (.396)

Batter ISO – Isolated Power attempts to measure a hitter’s raw power at the plate. It is similar to Slugging Percentage, except that singles don’t help your ISO and home runs are three times as important as doubles or triples. A contact hitter will tend to have a low ISO, while a power hitter will tend to have a high ISO.
Best: Spence Hasler (.811)
Worst: Sip (.088)

Batter BABIP – A hitter’s BABIP is an indication of his speed and tendency to “hit it where they ain’t”.
Best: Seph Lietz (.480)
Worst: Derek Mayfield (.083)



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2 responses to “Moneyball

  1. Mayfield

    Now that it can be quantitatively proven that I am the worst hitter at SLW, it might be beneficial for me to simply mail my camera to Illinois each year.

    Also, let’s see some f’ing plinko stats, bitches.

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