Wiffleball Tonight Episode Two

An epic cut (over nine minutes in length) of Wiffleball Tonight, pre-tournament analysis, media day and regular season and championship series highlights at the 18th Annual Shangri La’ Classic.

“All I can say is wow,” Jaime Hixson stated.  Feedback is encouraged either on facebook or by commenting below.

Plans for the 19th Annual SLW Classic, scheduled for June 23, 2012, are already underway.


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6 responses to “Wiffleball Tonight Episode Two

  1. endsley

    Incredible. I laughed and cried. Better than on golden pond.
    Great work tank

  2. I wish this page had more hands because I would give this video four thumbs up.

  3. Quinn Huber

    Awesome video!
    Where do I send the S.A.S.E. for Matt Endsley’s workout regimen?

  4. Tank, i’m not sure how to fully express how absolutely awesome this is. I cant thank you enough for your committment and dedication to making this project such a high priority. A special thanks to Tracy as well as i know how much time this must take. Finally, thanks for making me look like a gold glover! Bravo, all around!

  5. J. Cain

    thanks Geoff, had to make up for shortchanging you last year on the videos…

  6. if only we had played better…………… :(.

    Best one ever!

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