Holiday Week

After much build up, hype and conjecture, the brothers Hixson have arrived with senior (or senior’) Texan Derek Mayfield back to Shangri La.

It is exactly what the Doctor prescribed. Dinner at the Golden Nugget, general unpack and field assessment.

The beer arrived, so Hall of Famer Matt Endsley’s Spider Sense tingled enough to call. We caught up with Dee Dee and Jim, spent too much time laying out the “stage/press box” and bored Mayfield with tales of the evolution of Shangri’ La,

The field is ready to be molded into a masterpiece, and the scout party is ready to welcome the friends and family to get the show on the road.

It’s 330 am, and time for sleep, but not before I appreciate the hell out of being back.

See some of you later today!

Geoff Hixson
SLWAA President


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3 responses to “Holiday Week

  1. sephlietz

    The day before wiffleball is always the longest day of the year.

  2. And the day after is the saddest.

  3. Geoff

    Sadly, you are both correct.

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