SLW Front Office to Conduct Media Day July 8

Today the SLW front office announced another new component to be added this season.  With the league in final preparation for the 2011 event, Commissioner Hixson unveiled plans for media day of sorts to be conducted on Friday night during the Home Run Derby.

Chief Communications Officer Jeff Cain.

“Chief Communications Officer Jeff Cain and I were discussing plans for the tournament Thursday morning,” Hixson explained.  “We were going back and forth on some ideas for additional film opportunities at the event and together decided that it would be awesome to have five minute interviews with each wiffler and weekend hosts.  It is going to be about a 90 minute block of time to get everyone.”

The Voice of SLW, Jason “Dude” Morgan, was pegged to host the interview segments that will include some pre-determined questions as well as inquiries that the legendary emcee will come up with on the fly.

“We remain at the cutting edge of innovation,” Morgan said.  “Considering SLW weekend is the Super Bowl of all wiffleball tournaments, it only makes sense that, in conjunction with Jeff Cain Productions, we have our own Media Day.  This will allow the fans at home to get an inside glimpse at some of their favorite players and what they are like both on & off the field.  For example, I did not know Greg Presson is a professional ‘manscaper’.  Little tidbits like that I’m sure the fans of SLW would be interested in.  These player are not only heroes and role models they have lives at home just like you and me.  Although you and me are SLW players too so that makes sense I guess.”

Media Day will generate web content as well as provide JCP with more video for the growing enterprise.  “We have wanted to get video of every participant for a number of years and this seemed like it just made sense to do,” Cain stated.  “I am thrilled to be apart of this effort to fight off the ‘regressionist movement” within SLW by partnering with the front office and the voice of SLW to bring about the advent of Media Day at Lakefront Stadium.”

Although a dress code is in effect on tournament day, there has not been any guidelines outlined for required wardrobe during the interviews.  All wifflers are strongly encouraged to participate in the one-on-ones that will likely take place on the new outfield platform/press box area overlooking the ballpark.

Thanks to an upgrade in technology, there will be plenty of website content coming live from Shangri La’ from Wednesday through Saturday night.  Make sure an inform your parents and significant others that they can follow all the action on all weekend.  The league office cautions you to be prepared for a “nobody cares” response when conveying this information to the aforementioned parties.

Following the event, the wrap up SLW Podcast Series will likely air from the new press box location as well.

Voice of SLW Jason Morgan


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  1. El_Kirbo

    I couldn’t be more excited for this! Can I wear the dog collar a la Ray Buchanan??

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