Booze and Ball

Much like any big event build up in the modern world, there is always a stream blog highlighting the views and opinions of the viewer.

in 2011, Im spending time on games from years ago. Here is my historical two cents as I pour over old footage ramping up 1 week out of this years installment over a knob creek or two.

Tonights pick to recap is from 2003.

In 2003, we were all fat. Except Warnes, my brother, John Einhorn and the mayor.

My team consisted of Chris Meneley and Jen Pope. This is clearly before the “modern era” and no wonder I wasn’t winning in the old days- no offense to those mentioned.

In addition, it was the one pitcher and one fielder. This format sucks and accentuates the “company picknick” approach to the event.

Women are present, but not near as many as previous years.

The games are a focal point but not important to the crowd. Lots of heckling the games.

Field is in good shape, but not yet a stadium. First year of the “press box?”

John Lockhart playing. Athlete. I think he won HRD.

Of all the uniform talk, this is a shirtless and sleeveless haven year – see “company picknick ” reference. Guilty of Gun Show outerwear myself.

Still camera is boring in this format and not very crisp. Like looking through a dirty fishbowl.

Was this the end of the two day format? Has a pick up feel. Hasler must love 2003. Teams change from day 1-day 2.

Chris Meneley has nasty stuff in 03. Bad news is his mobility on the mound resembles David Wells.

8 mile must be recent as well as it is well represented on the soundtrack.

Chris Meneley walk off. His proudest moment in the history of SLW!

Tons of “down time” in 2003.

Jed Pope has a “Fernando Valenzuela” delivery in 2003. Hiding the ball makes him more effective……

Ryan Winne’s only appearance on the diamond? Makes sense, as he replaces Jen from previous day.

End of the film. All those thinking this era was “better” is a dope. I think “revisionist history” plays a big role in the nostalgia of the old days.

More to follow in the days to come!!!

One week from right now, those trying to win will figure a way to go to sleep.


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4 responses to “Booze and Ball

  1. Geoff

    Also from the fingers of SLWAA prez Geoff Hixson

  2. sephlietz

    More drunk blogging, please. Thanks.

  3. endsley

    Nice random”knob creek moments”.

  4. Geoff

    Thanks, Seph. That was fun. More to follow- perhaps tonight!

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