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Wiffleball Tonight Premiere

Another masterpiece from Jeff Cain Productions.


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2011 SLW Classic Photos Now Available

Dee Dee Hixson & Charlene Pope before the ceremonial first pitch of the 2011 SLW Classic.

Derek Mayfield snapped 682 pictures from Thursday to Saturday at the 18th Annual Classic. Special thanks to Mayfield (One-7 Photography) for all of the photo documentation of the weekend. They can be seen at the following four links:

2011 SLW Classic Photos #1

2011 SLW Classic Photos #2

2011 SLW Classic Photos #3

2011 SLW Classic Photos #4

Mr. Mayfield will be working his photo shop magic on a few shots that will be available at a later time.

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Press Box Open


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Holiday Week

After much build up, hype and conjecture, the brothers Hixson have arrived with senior (or senior’) Texan Derek Mayfield back to Shangri La.

It is exactly what the Doctor prescribed. Dinner at the Golden Nugget, general unpack and field assessment.

The beer arrived, so Hall of Famer Matt Endsley’s Spider Sense tingled enough to call. We caught up with Dee Dee and Jim, spent too much time laying out the “stage/press box” and bored Mayfield with tales of the evolution of Shangri’ La,

The field is ready to be molded into a masterpiece, and the scout party is ready to welcome the friends and family to get the show on the road.

It’s 330 am, and time for sleep, but not before I appreciate the hell out of being back.

See some of you later today!

Geoff Hixson
SLWAA President


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On Site at the Classic


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Endsley Releases Latest SLW Tune

With the 18th Annual Classic looming, Hall of Famer Matt Endsley’s latest musical effort dropped this morning. Check out “Shangri La'” by clicking here.

“After the way things ended with the live performance last year, this is the start of the redemption chapter for Tenacious E and me,” Endsley explained. “We’ve got some big things planned for the future.”

“The sound quality and production value was very high on this release,” SLWAA President Geoff Hixson stated. “I like the lyrical content of Shangri La’ much better than their last original song.”

Rumor has it that there will be some surprise events following Media Day and Home Run Derby Friday night. Check back to for updates on the news.


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