New Home Plate Banner Design Unveiled, Sound Tent Relocated

In an effort to rededicate the park to the legendary owner and Godfather of Shangri La’ Wiffleball, a new banner (pictured above) that bears the Mayor’s name will be on display under the scoreboard. “This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for years since the wood wall with grandpa’s name came down,” Commissioner Hixson stated. We are excited about this upgrade to the park that is long overdue.”

The banner, produced by the Sign Shop of Colorado Springs, also provides a darker backdrop that will allow fielders to more easily pick up the white ball off the bat Hixson commented, “The Sign Shop has produced all of the banners displayed at Lakefront and we are happy to continue our relationship with Dave Mitschler and company.”

The other change for 2011 is the position shift of the “D.J. Booth” which will be relocating from the left field line to directly behind center field on a raised platform. President Geoff Hixson is spearheading this project in an effort to ensure his bug susceptible feet and legs are out of the grass when he isn’t playing. “This will provide the outfield seating that we have lost since the bus went away years ago,” said the eldest Hixson. “Not only will we have a better vantage point for the non-participants and the camera, but we will be out of the way of foul balls which proved to be a hazard to wifflers when we were off the third base line.”

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One response to “New Home Plate Banner Design Unveiled, Sound Tent Relocated

  1. sephlietz

    It will definitely be nice to have a visible tribute to the Mayor.

    Bring back the bus.

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