Podcast Six Features 2011 SLW Team Announcement

After much discussion and debate, Chief Scientist Seph Lietz had the method deemed most equitable for setting the 2011 SLW Classic Field. James Morton, Geoff & Jaime Hixson discuss the rationale and share thoughts on each team in Podcast Six.

Team names are due to the conference office one week from today (June 17). After all names are received, the scheduled will be released. Please designate a member of your team to report the name to the league office.

As a reminder, wifflers are asked to bring a pillow, blanket and towel again in 2011. The league office has also been asked to reiterate the participants should only use the outdoor shower and not the indoor shower.

Podcast six is now on iTunes or you can stream from the website. here.

Questions are needed for the next podcast. Please send whatever you may have to slwiffleball23@gmail.com.

Team 1 (wearing red)

Team 2 (wearing orange)

Team 3 (wearing navy blue)
D. Cain
G. Hixson

Team 4 (wearing green)

Team 5 (wearing gray)
J. Hixson

Team 6 (wearing gold)
J. Cain


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4 responses to “Podcast Six Features 2011 SLW Team Announcement

  1. sephlietz

    Some great analysis on the podcast. Thank god we have no 4-man teams this year.

  2. JCain

    Seph did a good job of setting up the teams. I’m happy w/ being teamed up with Hasler and Sipich, but we can’t rely on Hasler alone, Sip and I will need to step it up and I know we can. I just watched 16 minutes of game film from last years tournament, a game between Hasler-Gentry-Endsley vs. Dude-James-Seph-Luke. After watching that game alone, it’s clear that this years tournament field is more even. The question for this years tournament in my opinion is not what will each member of the “Big 4” do, it’s which one/two players of the little 14 will take their game up a notch.

  3. JCain

    ….also, in response to the podcast comments about our team and the need for Spence to “coach us up”. I am to proud and head-strong to listen to anything he suggests. I will do one of two things. Play great or crash & burn, but it will be on my way, not Haslers. To proud….

  4. I wish Hasler was on my team to coach me up because i always pitch and hit better when on his team. Sorry you took this as a jab, because that was not the intent.

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