Podcast Three Now Available

Fresh Guest Year continued tonight as the SLW Podcast Series welcomed first-time caller Shane Gentry to the third edition of this year’s show. James Morton was back for his second appearance this season along with staples Geoff & Jaime.

Podcast three is now on iTunes or you can stream from the website here.

Shocking news of an impending SLW re-brand & subsequent logo change was the most notable item discussed.

Questions are needed for the next podcast. Please send whatever you may have to slwiffleball23@gmail.com. Also, please answer the poll question below.



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4 responses to “Podcast Three Now Available

  1. sephlietz

    re: keeping a book, I agree with James’ idea; assign it like base umpires, unless there are enough volunteers to cover it. I’m willing to do more than my fair share.

  2. JCain

    I’d like to see a book kept. I don’t think it’s to much to ask people to keep stats for a game. They can still drink and visit they just keep stats at the same time. It’s not like they are being asked to do dig drainage tile. Plus if we keep stats, then we can know just good the big 4 is and if the rest of us suck as bad as the hixson bros think we do!

  3. For the record, I believe i’m lumped into the “little 15” category and have no illusions i’m currently a big fourist.

  4. Duderino

    Agreed and agreed, we might even consider the 1st base umpire to keep book as part of a double duty. Again, it isn’t like digging ditches so people can still drink/eat just like the 1st base umpire. If we spread the work around it will not mean one or two people are taking all the burden (same for running a camera). If we all want the fruits of labor we all must chip in so I’m all for ownership ruling with an iron fist and making people fill those spots. Hooray for dictatorships!

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