First Podcast of 2011 Season Now Available

Matt Endsley and James Morton joined Geoff and Jaime for the kickoff podcast of the 2011 SLW media blitz.

Check the podcast page or iTunes to listen.

Questions for next month’s podcast can be submitted at any time.

If anyone is interested in writing regular pieces for the website or has any ideas how we can improve it, please send an email to



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5 responses to “First Podcast of 2011 Season Now Available

  1. sephlietz

    I like the idea of separating the recent SLW tourney champs. In the past 5 years, only 9 people have won 1 or more time. Number of titles over that time and names below.

    3: Hasler
    2: Endsley, Pope, Lietz, Gentry
    1: C. Shoemaker, J. Cain, Walsh, Morton

  2. Further buttressing my argument. Thanks Chief Scientist!

  3. JCain

    Really enjoyed the podcast, and I thought James was great on it. I like the hour long podcasts so that I can escape from the boredom of work. Keep up the great work and I look forward to listening to the next one!

  4. Deedee Hixson

    After hearing the discussion on the podcast about a dress code for Shangri la wiffleball I have to make a comment. I have been trying to mandate a dress code for the Hixson family christmas pictures for at least 25 years. I know you will say at least you had sleeves in your shirts and your shorts were a certain length but I don’t think that your wiffleball clothes make for good family holiday pictures. The pictures tell the story! If you require a dress code for wiffleball because of the photos, then you should be willing to dress-up for the Christmas family photos!!!!!!

  5. I think I’ve got some bad sweater pics from numerous Christmas photos that tell a different story.

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