2010 SLW Photos Now Available and Other Notes

Rookie Derek Mayfield (aka Darryl, Darren, Eric) set a record for pictures taken at Shangri La’ last weekend.  His work can be found at the following three links:

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

“Mr. Mayfield was a great addition to the SLW weekend,” Commissioner Hixson stated. “The photographic documentation of the weekend was spectacular, and he was masterful with sarcastic snipes during the social part of the event.”

Special thanks to Jeff Cain for his work with on the first SLW highlight reels produced in 12 years. SLWAA President Geoff Hixson was blown away. “Tank has done great work with these videos. I hope to make an appearance next year crushing balls out of the park instead of just sitting behind the plate umpiring.”

Finally, congratulations to Vagazzle for their 2010 SLW Championship.  More tournament follow-up will be forthcoming.



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5 responses to “2010 SLW Photos Now Available and Other Notes

  1. Duderino

    Big ups to the rookie for his contribution to the weekend. Timmy Mitchell couldn’t be more proud.

  2. Amen. We haven’t had 552 picture taken in the history of SLW. The league office declares no ban for 2010 Rookie Eric Mayfield.

  3. Also, i’m sad we’ve got no shots of the Vietcong base umpires from some point in the day.

  4. Gentry

    Great job with the pics Dennis.

  5. Derek

    Many thanks to all; and I’m glad to hear of my no-ban status. But…I have a year to screw that up.

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