SLW Makes YouTube Debut



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9 responses to “SLW Makes YouTube Debut

  1. Tank has become SLW’s Ken Burns only much cooler.

  2. Duderino

    I think I watched this about 10x last night alone

  3. El Kirbo

    Can’t wait for “Luke Kirby: 2010 Rookie of the Year” to debut at Sundance Film Festival this year.

  4. Geoff Hixson

    A couple things; 1. Bravo Tank. This is what Shangri La is all about. intensity and execution. 2. Wonder what song Endsley is playing on the “WiffleGuitar” 3. Nice reresentation of Rookie Luke Kirby’s HR power 4. Nice “oppo” HR by our fearless leader, Commish Hixson 5. Great shots of me drinking / relaxing / umpiring 6. Gratuitous Violence on the basepaths.

    All and all I give it 5 stars. only thing missing for a grand slam is nudity……..scratch that. Its much better without in this group.

    The final pan shot of the park is my favorite.

    Congrats, Jeff Cain!

  5. El Kirbo

    If I had to guess, I would say Endsley is playing a track called “Kill Yourself”.

  6. tank

    I must apologize that I was not able to get more film, I do not have enough film on Geoff, Jed, James, Seph, Warnes, Derek, Shoe, Greg and others. I will do better on making sure that I get film of everybody next year…..

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