Groundbreaking Research Yields 2010 Odds

by Seph Lietz

As part of the ongoing effort to utilize the official Shangri La’ Wiffleball records, the SLW Front Office is excited to announce a brand new statistic for everyone to argue about — Tournament Odds. More specifically, the odds that a team will win the SLW Classic.

Your Chief Scientist has painstakingly developed a statistically sound Wiffleball Champion Prediction Model (patent pending) which automatically calculates a team’s odds given the past success (or failure) of its wifflers as well as the predicted strength of their opponents. “I know a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into creating this outstanding new feature, and we should all be thankful for the Chief Scientist’s contributions,” said Commissioner Hixson. “We should probably waive his entry fee from now on.”

This year’s odds can be found below and also at the SLW 2010 stats page. Odds have been retroactively applied to 2006-2009 tournaments as well.

Vagazzle (Spence Hasler, Matt Endsley, Shane Gentry) - 27% The Drunk Tank 3 (Jeff Cain, Jed Pope, Geoff Hixson) - 22% Crystal Seph Heads (Seph Lietz, James Morton, Jason Morgan, Luke Kirby) - 21% Tollbooth Willies (Derek Mayfield, Dave Cain, Greg Presson, Chris Shoemaker) - 17% Yellow Bat Fury (Jaime Hixson, Sip, Matt Warnes) - 12%

Will Vagazzle come out on top in 2010?

It looks to be a very close year, with Vagazzle being the favorites, although just by a hair, with a 27% chance to win it all. Vagazzle captain and Hall of Fame member, Spence Hasler, when notified by myself that his team has been officially tabbed as this year’s favorite, was both unsurprised about his team’s chances and confused about my identity. “Tell me something I don’t know, Patrick,” stated Hasler.

Obviously, the actual outcomes could be greatly affected due to things like lingering injuries (see Hasler/Endsley), rookies/unknowns Luke Kirby and Derek Mayfield, as well as the always controversial 4-man teams.

It should be noted that the SLW Front Office does not condone gambling — by active wifflers, or othwerwise.



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7 responses to “Groundbreaking Research Yields 2010 Odds

  1. Erroneous on all counts. Yellow Bat Fury plans to make these predictions look foolish.

  2. El Kirbo

    I like our chances! Also, I know its my first year but Crystal Seph Heads has to be the best team name in the history of this tournament. Kudos to Dude.

  3. Geoff Hixson

    …..”Confused about my identity.”. Hilarious!

  4. Endsley

    Vagazzles odds are way lower than they should be. The “anchor” dragging their odds down is none other than guitar god Endsley. He is tired, old and a nonrunner. If he was not on the team they would be 90% at worsed. He brings the odds down 63 percentage points just by showing up. He should help his team by spending all day Saturday at Jo’ Jins.

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