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Latest from Jeff Cain Productions

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2010 SLW Photos Now Available and Other Notes

Rookie Derek Mayfield (aka Darryl, Darren, Eric) set a record for pictures taken at Shangri La’ last weekend. ┬áHis work can be found at the following three links:

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

“Mr. Mayfield was a great addition to the SLW weekend,” Commissioner Hixson stated. “The photographic documentation of the weekend was spectacular, and he was masterful with sarcastic snipes during the social part of the event.”

Special thanks to Jeff Cain for his work with on the first SLW highlight reels produced in 12 years. SLWAA President Geoff Hixson was blown away. “Tank has done great work with these videos. I hope to make an appearance next year crushing balls out of the park instead of just sitting behind the plate umpiring.”

Finally, congratulations to Vagazzle for their 2010 SLW Championship.  More tournament follow-up will be forthcoming.


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The Voice of SLW Highlighted in Latest Tank Production


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SLW Makes YouTube Debut


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Podcast 12 Now Available

Podcast 12 can be found on the iTunes page which can be accessed on the Podcasts tab on the website.

Tournament wrap-up items will be coming in the next few weeks.

2010 Results are now available on the website here.

Thanks that all that participated and helped out this past weekend at Shangri La’.


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Podcast 11 Now Available

Can be accessed through the iTunes Podcast.


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