Endsley Releases “New” Song

The mysterious project, alluded to on the last several podcast, has finally been revealed. Matt Endsley of Tenacious E fame, has released his song “The Legend of the 20-Run Inning”.

Inspired by Canadian Folk legend Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (which can be heard by clicking here), the 20-Run Inning recounts the events that took place during the championship game of the 2004 Shangri La’ Classic.

This is the first original material released in the history of SLW.

Gordon Lightfoot

The Legend of the 20-Run Inning can be downloaded here.

Lyrics to the song can be found below.

Due to inclement weather heading toward Colorado Springs, the weekly podcast will not be recorded until Thursday.

The Legend of the 20-Run Inning
Lyrics and performance by Matt Endsley

Verse One

The legend lives on, from the Shangri La’ pond. In July it sometimes turns gloomy.

The house looks a bit small, but the crew of wiffleball, feel like it’s always quite roomy.

Geoff is the pride of the Alblinger side, hailing from just east of Ivesdale.

As big hitters go he is better than most, with a team that could get him the title.

He was profound as walked on the mound, knowing he had the tournament winnings.

That was the day all his dreams blew away. It was the day of the 20-run inning.

Verse Two

The field’s set up for a lefty of course, but this would not help team Hixson.

Jed’s team said “We will leave you for dead with the chiggers and skeeters and ticks son”.

Then in came the rain, team Hix played in vain, not knowing of imminent failure.

All three pitched strong, but their timing was wrong, through seconds and minutes and hours.

Greg Presson went after two batter’s spent and said “Hey Geoffrey I’ll show ya.”.

Then team Hixson winced as balls went over the fence, Geoff said ” Fella’s it’s been damn good to know ya.”.

They tried Kansas James halfway through the game, all three pitchers had left the team spinning.

That was the day all their dreams blew away. It was the day of the 20-run inning.

Verse Three

There are many things in Colorado Springs. But there’s not a championship trophy on his mantle.

After 15 homeruns Jed had hit another one, Dave Cain said “change the channel”.

It was not fun watching all the homeruns, more than Hixson had hit all last season.

The team was in awe when all that they saw, was there championship lost for no reason.

When suppertime came Dee Dee and Char were insane, they said “the game’s way to rough to feed ya”.

Jed’s victory sealed, Dee Dee said “Jim get to the field, I think Geoff is going to need ya”.

Larry Mullins said “Matt you got in his head, and I hate to pay you your winnings”.

Geoff still walks with pride the only thorn in his side, it is the day of the 20-run inning.


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3 responses to “Endsley Releases “New” Song

  1. Duderino

    Standing ovation!

  2. It is already receiving critical acclaim.

  3. tankster55

    This is fantastic!!!! I’m left wanting more…

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