Commish to Postpone Show for Ballgame

by Geoff Hixson

It seems that the weekly SLW podcast listeners will have to wait an extra day (at least) for their “all things Shangri La Wiffleball” fix. It seems that Commissioner Jaime Hixson has unilaterally postponed the weekly podcast in order to attend a local minor league game. His response when questioned was even more disconcerting. “We will do it Wednesday if it works, or maybe next week.”

What this tells newly commisioned blogger Geoff Hixson is that the fate of this tournament, league and nation of wiffleball is in the hands of someone who only wants to be in charge if its convenient. I for one, think the loyal listeners are owed something more than that.

Interest is at an all time low on the Shangri La’ site and instead of addressing the masses, the younger Hixson is sucking down suds instead of serving the very people he relies on for so much – probably using money from the wiffleball treasury to do so. I urge you all to weigh in on this “what, me worry?” approach of your fearless leader.



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2 responses to “Commish to Postpone Show for Ballgame

  1. Interesting theory. You are closing in on a radio ban. COME BACK, ONE WEEK. NO PODCAST FOR YOU!

  2. hixswiffleblog

    Oh, sure! Squelch the voice of the people.

    Maybe you can bring David Aldredge on to co-host with you. Or better yet, Fran Drescher!

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