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Message From the Front Office/Entry Fees Due Wednesday

2010 SLW Classic entry fees (and t-shirt money/sizes) are due to the Ivesdale address this Wednesday (June 2).

If you sent yours RSVP/fees in already, thank you for doing so.

I also need to know who will be in attendance Friday night for dinner (around 7:00 p.m.).

As always, we ask you to bring a pillow, blanket and towel to the event.

Website stories and podcasting will be starting up again this week after a brief hiatus. Please send questions to

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Spring Training Rolls On Around the Country

Despite snow in April and May, Spring Training continues in the Colorado Springs Snow Cap League. Early reports indicate the Hixson Brothers are hitting their stride as June approaches.

Jaime Hixson throws batting practice in Colorado Springs May 5.

“We’ve gotten some good sessions in,” SLWAA President Geoff Hixson said. “Once we hit June, we are going to kick it up a notch. I can’t wait to get back to Illinois.”

Elsewhere, Spring Training has begun in the self-proclaimed center of the universe, Philo, Illinois. Front Office member Jeff Cain, Hall of Famer Spence Hasler and newcomer Luke Kirby have been conducting rigorous training sessions over the last several weeks.

Luke Kirby (left) and Jeff Cain (right) during a training session recently in Philo, Illinois.

As of today, only five wifflers have signed up for the 2010 event. Thanks to those that have sent in the items. Entry fees and RSVPs are due June 2nd.

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Podcast Six Now Available

Podcast six is now available on iTunes which you can access from the Podcasts page here. It has been a longtime coming, but Greg Presson made his first ever podcast appearance along with Chris Meneley, Geoff & Jaime Hixson.

Due to the Mountain West Conference Baseball Championships, the weekly show will be on hiatus until the first week of June.

As mentioned on the podcast, classic moments are coming back in the next few weeks. If you have ideas for a moment that has not yet been produced, please email to the league office.

Finally, check out the new “Historical Documents” section featuring Tank’s 2004 Draft Guide new to the page here.

Please send any new questions you may have to


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SLW to Sponsor Car in NASCAR


Ever since the start of the year many of the followers of SLW have been shocked at how much money the SLW front office has thrown into the promotion and marketing of SLW.  And then the “SLW Marketing Machine” has surprise its loyal following with a major announcement this morning.  To further the reach of SLW, Jaime and Geoff Hixson have decided to sponsor a ride in NASCAR!  I have followed racing for a real long time and I am completely excited.  I am already looking forward to seeing what the car looks like.  Will it have the SLW on the hood or the Shangri La script?  What track will the SLW Racing Team make it’s debut.  One item that we will not have to wait for is who the driver will be.  Jaime Hixson stated that Cousin Tom has been signed to drive the SLW car, “T.A. has the tools to take our racing team to a NASCAR Championship, he has cut his teeth at the local tracks and raced in serveral demolition derbys,” stated Hixson.

This is the vehicle that took T.A. to a 4th place finish in the Piatt County Demo Derby in 2007.

  It was announced that T.A. and the Hixson Bros. have agreed on the number of the car, it will be “24”.  T.A. fought long and hard for the number 24 and that it was agreed upon late last night.  The number 24 has long been the number of Jeff Gordon, but T.A. has petitioned NASCAR for the rights to have the number on his car.  The local media did catch up to Jeff Gordon for comment and he did not shed to much light on the subject, “T.A is coming to NASCAR….is that the guy that keeps sending me those naked pictures?” stated Gordon.

Cousin Tom was excited beyond belief at his chance at NASCAR!

After the announcement in true “Commish Hixson” style, he quickly thought of a way to profit off of the new SLW race team and Cousin Tom.  Jaime has already started to sell merchandise, which you can purchase by sending Jaime Hixson a non-refundable check.  All proceeds go to help further renovate Lake Front Stadium and pay the grounds crew.  The merchandise (shown below) will go on sale this weekend for 30% off.

Get this exciting Cousin Tom Merchandise on sale this weekend!!!!

We will keep you posted on when the SLW Race Team will make its debut, stay tuned, but until then let’s all hope that the debut will come soon and that Cousin Tom will dominate much like he has during many demolition derbys!!!
Lord Hear Our Prayer!
Tank Cain


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Transcript of 2010 SLW Rookie Luke Kirby’s Press Conference

“Thank you all for being here. Its been a long time since I have had an opportunity like the one Commissioner Hixson has put before me today. I can still remember, though it was quite some time ago, picking up my first yellow Wiffleball bat as a kid. It was love at first touch so to speak. From hitting my first homer to to wiffing on some nasty curveballs, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my Wiffle career. And to be quite honest, I thought that career was over.”

“You see–I went out on top. Crushing that Wiffleball high over the Shoemaker’s Green Monster off of Commissioner Hixson was at the time the crowning achievement of a great, though short career. But something was missing. And that something boys and girls, is a SLW Tourney Championship. I want the world to know I will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Commissioner Hixson, depending on if I’m on his team or not, has either made a great decision, or a potentially lethal one. And so, after speaking with my family (and my knees), I have decided to enter my name in the 2010 SLW Draft.”

————Thunderous Applause—————–

“Thank you, thank you all”

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Endsley Releases “New” Song

The mysterious project, alluded to on the last several podcast, has finally been revealed. Matt Endsley of Tenacious E fame, has released his song “The Legend of the 20-Run Inning”.

Inspired by Canadian Folk legend Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (which can be heard by clicking here), the 20-Run Inning recounts the events that took place during the championship game of the 2004 Shangri La’ Classic.

This is the first original material released in the history of SLW.

Gordon Lightfoot

The Legend of the 20-Run Inning can be downloaded here.

Lyrics to the song can be found below.

Due to inclement weather heading toward Colorado Springs, the weekly podcast will not be recorded until Thursday.

The Legend of the 20-Run Inning
Lyrics and performance by Matt Endsley

Verse One

The legend lives on, from the Shangri La’ pond. In July it sometimes turns gloomy.

The house looks a bit small, but the crew of wiffleball, feel like it’s always quite roomy.

Geoff is the pride of the Alblinger side, hailing from just east of Ivesdale.

As big hitters go he is better than most, with a team that could get him the title.

He was profound as walked on the mound, knowing he had the tournament winnings.

That was the day all his dreams blew away. It was the day of the 20-run inning.

Verse Two

The field’s set up for a lefty of course, but this would not help team Hixson.

Jed’s team said “We will leave you for dead with the chiggers and skeeters and ticks son”.

Then in came the rain, team Hix played in vain, not knowing of imminent failure.

All three pitched strong, but their timing was wrong, through seconds and minutes and hours.

Greg Presson went after two batter’s spent and said “Hey Geoffrey I’ll show ya.”.

Then team Hixson winced as balls went over the fence, Geoff said ” Fella’s it’s been damn good to know ya.”.

They tried Kansas James halfway through the game, all three pitchers had left the team spinning.

That was the day all their dreams blew away. It was the day of the 20-run inning.

Verse Three

There are many things in Colorado Springs. But there’s not a championship trophy on his mantle.

After 15 homeruns Jed had hit another one, Dave Cain said “change the channel”.

It was not fun watching all the homeruns, more than Hixson had hit all last season.

The team was in awe when all that they saw, was there championship lost for no reason.

When suppertime came Dee Dee and Char were insane, they said “the game’s way to rough to feed ya”.

Jed’s victory sealed, Dee Dee said “Jim get to the field, I think Geoff is going to need ya”.

Larry Mullins said “Matt you got in his head, and I hate to pay you your winnings”.

Geoff still walks with pride the only thorn in his side, it is the day of the 20-run inning.


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