SLW Front Office Explores Trophy Options

Shangri La’ Wiffleball is currently researching options for a tournament championship trophy.

“We are long overdue on having something tangible to present to the winners following the tournament,” Jaime Hixson remarked. “I think our loyal wifflers deserve the chance to hoist something in the air after winning this storied event.”

2009 Champion James Morton agreed. “After winning last year, all I could think about was how great our team was and how much I love a good trophy. All we got was a terrible, thrown together picture in front of the backstop after all of the banners were removed. We need more fanfare for the champions.”

Many trophy options are being explored including the one pictured here.

This could be the first ever SLW Classic Championship Trophy.

“The perfect situation would be to have all of the tournament champions engraved on the trophy,” Hixson continued. “Unfortunately, that is not realistic from a cost and logistical standpoint. We will most likely keep this trophy at the cabin and break it out for the presentation and photo shoot at the conclusion of the championship. I sincerely hope I will be able to present it to myself in 2010.”

Hall of Famer Matt Endsley added, “We know how the Hixson’s like to give themselves awards. This is just another example.”



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3 responses to “SLW Front Office Explores Trophy Options

  1. James

    I could not agree more that a trophy was needed. I will require that a picture be taken with the new trophy for the 2009 champs Merkins of Hope.

  2. tank

    Trophy would be nice, I think an alternative since their are 3 member teams would be 3 custom made championship belts (like pro-wrestling). The winning team this year would receive 3 championship belts and have them for a year. They would come back the following year with their belts and have to present them to the winning team.

    • Interesting thought. However, I think compared to a $40 one time shot, this would be a little more costly. Not ruling anything out at this point, but will keep exploring various avenues.

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