Sip Returns to the U.S., Outlasts Eyjafjallajokull

It turns out an armless Sip could take down the mighty volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Sip arrived back in the United States Saturday after nearly a week of trying to get home (as first reported last week in Sip Versus the Volcano). Sipich was in Europe for reasons unknown to the SLW Front Office.

Jason Morgan was camped out at Chicago-O’Hare and greeted Sip upon his arrival. “He has a full beard, long hair and lost 100 pounds, but he’s alive,” Dude remarked.

A key member and captain of the 2010 runner-up Meltdown Muchachos, Sip was relieved to be back in the motherland. “I got home Saturday after 2 flight cancellations, a rebooking to a different airline and a refund on a return flight,” Sip stated.

The airline he flew could not be confirmed, but due to the multitude of problems he experienced, it was undoubtedly United.

Sip continued, “I finally got on only one day before my work visa was to be approved as a Dublin tour guide. Despite the travel difficulties, probably my biggest regret of the trip was that I almost bought a beret on top of the Eiffel Tower just to take a bad picture, but didn’t. Other than that, I’m now pretty good at drinking whiskey on the rocks…so I have that going for me.”

Dave Cain, who coordinates the alcohol purchase for the annual event, is already making changes to the order. “We will purchase only the finest whiskey for Sip. I’ve placed an order for two cases of Black Velvet.”


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