Sip Versus the Volcano

The SLW front office has learned former Rookie of the Year Sip is one of the thousands stuck in Europe thanks to the ash produced from the volcano Eyjafjallajokull.

SLWAA President Geoff Hixson had this to say. “It is unclear what the purpose of his European travels were, but at this point our only concern is getting him home before the 17th Annual SLW Classic. Sip is a key part of this weekend and I can’t imagine having a tournament without him. With all of that ash, I bet it looks like the inside of Endsley’s old car over there.”

Fellow Chicagoan and the voice of SLW Jason Morgan added, “Sip’s been married for less than a year and traveling with his wife. He’s stuck in an airport in a foreign country, flying standby for over 48 hours, his condo is for sale, he’s missing work, he’s dealing with a lot sh*t right now. I saw on where they listed a Sipich divorce in the next week at 15:1, as his former roommate and lifetime buddy, I saw some serious value for a $100 investment. Not that I’m rooting for such a thing, but hey my kids gotta eat too”.

“I heard they were awarded the trip after winning the Family Feud knock-off ‘Pig In A Poke’,” Commissioner Hixson added.

Check back to the Shangri La’ Website for ongoing updates to this harrowing story.



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6 responses to “Sip Versus the Volcano

  1. Stay Strong, Sip!

    2012 isnt here yet!

  2. Duderino

    Sip vs. Volcano Watch: Day 10
    We have seen life of Sip as he checked his fantasy baseball account on Tuesday so despite reports of suicide or joining al qaeda, he remains dedicated to his American roots. Unless of course someone cracked his password (1234) and is acting on his behalf at which case all bets are off. Stay tuned….

  3. Someone signed an iTunes review as Sip yesterday as well. All indications are pointing toward BS being back in the good ole USA.

  4. sephlietz

    Visual reports indicate no activity in the Sipich household.

  5. Duderino

    Sorry Sip signed in because Dude was taken. It’s a ghost writer

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